Close to Mittelbergheim there are various places that offer visitors the chance to dream, to admire nature or to marvel at the titanic enterprises undertaken by man many centuries ago.  

haut_koenigsbourg.jpgThe château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, built in the 12th century, was restored at the beginning of the 20th century by the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II.  With its architecture and its furnishings, it is today a real museum of the Middle Ages.  It is by far, one of the most visited monuments in France.



The Mont Saint-Odile, monastery founded by Saint Odile in the 7th century on a rocky pinnacle which dominates the Alsatian plain.

Around the mount a pagan wall, probably built around a thousand years B.C., bears witness to the interest that men have had in this mythical place, which holds today a significance even more mysterious.


At an altitude of over 1,000 metres, the Champ du Feu is the highest point of Bas-Rhin.  Its hilly profile offers visitors an unique view point over the North Vosges and the Alsatian plain.

When the Alsatian plain is covered in fog, the Champ du Feu, high above the clouds, offers some enchanting panoramas.


In the 1920’s, the people of Strasbourg would come here to ski.  Today in winter or summer, there are a large number of sporting activities available (hiking, paragliding, summer luge, snow shoeing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing...).