The Boeckel family tree dates back to the 16th century: Michel Boeckel (1530–1564), who was born in Barr, Mittelbergheim’s neighbouring village, was a cloth manufacturer.  His grand-son, Jonas Boeckel (1636–1707), a butcher, settled in Mittelbergheim.

The Boeckels continued as butchers through the generations.  Jean-Nicolas Boeckel (1708–1776) opened an inn called “Au Pied de Boeuf”.

It was Frédéric Boeckel (1812 – 1873), still butcher and hotelier, who started the wine business in 1853.

At this time, most of the families of Mittelbergheim kept a few hectares of vines, selling the grapes as a supplement to their normal income.


Frédéric Boeckel became a wine trader and it was his son Emile (1853–1937) who took over the business, made the Maison Boeckel famous and created the first “terroir” wines.  This was the birth of the Riesling “Brandluft”, with the grapes coming from the parcel of vines of the same name on the edge of Mittelbergheim.

The sons of Emile, Frédéric (1885–1966) and André Boeckel (1891–1962), developed the grape buying business, whilst at the same time assuring the growth of their own production: in 1950 they bought the parcels in the area known as “Wiebelsberg” in the commune of Andlau, and it is from theses vines that we still produce our Grand Cru Riesling Wiebelsberg, a wine of great finesse.

Emile Boeckel and his son Frédéric

By 1971 André’s son Emile was at the head of a vineyard of 10 hectares, known and recognised throughout the world.  It was he who started the production of Crémant d’Alsace in 1979 which remains to this day one of the prides of our estate.

Today we, Jean-Daniel and Thomas Boeckel - the 5th generation of winemakers - have taken over the reins from our father Emile and we manage a vineyard of 21 hectares.


Over the last fifteen years we have transformed the estate in order to bring it into the 21st century: the centuries old cellars have been renovated and adapted for the new tools of the trade, conversion to organic production, new labels, the opening of new markets like China....

With all of this our priority is still to maintain the quality of Boeckel wines which has been the trademark of the estate for over 150 years.

     Jean-Daniel Boeckel and Thomas Boeckel