Cour_2_1.jpgThe BOECKEL Estate has been a strong presence in the vineyards of Alsace for 160 years.

For 400 years the Boeckel family has had its roots firmly planted in the terroir of Mittelbergheim.  In 1853, Frédéric, an established winemaker from the centre of the village founded the business.  His descendants went on to make the Boeckel Estate one of the best known in Alsace.

The estate is today run by Jean-Daniel and Thomas Boeckel, the 5th generation of winemakers.

Exploiting 21 hectares of excellent vineyards in Mittelbergheim and the surrounding area, they continue to put their efforts into creating a quality product.

The Boeckel Estate, with its magnificent range of buildings, is a real gem on the Alsace Wine Route, and is regularly admired by visitors.