Since the creation of the business in 1853, many great artists have added to the renown of Boeckel wines by designing the labels.  Amongst these are :

Etiquette vins boeckel SpindlerCharles Spindler, a very talented painter and marquetery maker in Alsace, born in Boersch (around 10kms from Mittelbergheim); this label dates from around 1918, and an updated version was still in use up until the beginning of 2010.  Spindler used his servant as a model when drawing the portrait of the Alsacienne.


“L’Alsacienne” by Charles Spindler (1865-1938)


Etiquette vins boeckel LouxThis label, designed by Henry Loux, dates from 1904, and it was used until 1920, abandoned and then re-used in the 1990’s for the Sélection de Grains Nobles wines.
Henri Loux was Alsatian, a painter mostly known for his illustrations on the “Obernai” dinner service.  He also painted many watercolours of country and village scenes.

“Couple au pied d’une vigne” by Henri Loux (1873-1907)


Etiquette vins boeckel SchmitthennerLabel designed in 1898 when Paul Schmitthenner was only 16 years old and not yet qualified as an architect.  He was a school friend of the Boeckel brothers Frédéric and André.

“Mittelbergheim” Paul Schmitthenner (1884 - 1972)


Etiquette vins boeckel SchnugLabel dating from 1930, representing a “Lansquenet” - a 16th century German mercenary - in the tradition of the works of the Strasburg painter Leo Schnug.

“Lansquenet” by Leo Schnug (1878-1933)